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War Chronicle of the Partisans: Part VI
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Prepared: Algis Rupainis
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April 6, 1947 Partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team led by A. Ivaska kill Sokolov, head of MGB of Latvian SSR Ilukste region; also MGB operative Usov and 2 MGB soldiers.
LKA16-83 VA

April 9, 1947 MGB agent activity causes destruction of ZA (Samogitian Command) command post on the outskirts of Plunge; Commander K. Antanavicius (Tauras – “Aurochs”) killed; new self-proclaimed leaders of ZA are K. Juozaitis (Meteoras – “Meteor”) head of Satrija Special Team and J. Ivanauskas (Vygandas). MGB-incited internal wrangling leads to destruction of K. Juozaitis’ command post; new leader is J. Ivanauskas.
L-265, AL-283, LKA7-4, LKA15-286 ZA

April 10, 1947 TA (Tauras Command) establishes 24th (“Maironis”) Company to guard command post and expand operations; leader is K. Pyplys (Mazytis – “Littlie”). In December 1947 K. Pyplys goes abroad; new leader is J. Ciplijauskas (Sakalas - “Falcon”).
LKA3-31 TA

April 12, 1947 (09) (10) (18) MVD soldiers attack JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) command post bunker on the Jukna farmstead near the town of Batakiai, Taurage district. JKA leader J. Kasperavicius (Visvydas) and his adjutant A. Biliunas (Dziugas) destroy documents and blow themselves up.
L-486, LK-622, LKA7-60, (LKA7-77, (LK-584), (RD-238, RZ-44, 51) KA

April 12 or 13, 1947 JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) agitation and propaganda section head P. Paulaitis (Aidas “Echo”) arrested at the house of J. Zickus in Poskai village, Skaudvile county, Taurage district.
LKA18-85, 86, (LKA13-113) KA

Spring of 1947
Seeking to involve legally registered civilians in the newly- formed BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) and thereby to solve the problem of political representation, A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”) establishes Central Partisan Leadership in Kaunas. Members of new BDPS are J. Bazilevicius (Taucius), Father Stankunas (Stonis), poet A. Miskinis (Kaukas “Goblin”), former operatic soloist A. Kucingis (Kalvaitis) and others. Interim chairman is V. Seliokas, who used to sign documents with the code name “Gintautas”. 25th Company formed to maintain links with other Commands.
L-134, 135, 169, 170, LKA11-9, 80 VV

April of 1947
Traitor J. Markulis organises personal documents for VA (Vytautas Command) leader J. Kimstas (Zalgiris – “Grünwald”) in order to lure him from his forest hideaway and get him arrested.
LKA11-42 VA

April of 1947
J. Luiksa (Skrajunas – “Pilot”) and J. Kriksciunas (Rimvydas) cross Polish border on their way to the West to for liaison and to denounce treachery of J. Markulis.
LK-478 VV

April of 1947
Meeting of BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) chaired by A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”) with representatives of PLP (South Lithuania Partisans). Discussion centres on matter of maintaining representatives of the armed resistance movement abroad. It is noted that given the present conditions there may be too many partisans; 5-6 Commands with about 100 fighters in each might be enough.
LKA11-92 VV

April 22-34, 1947
DA (Dainava Command) leaders meeting in the pine forest of Punia. Discussion of Command leader D. Jecys’ (Àzuolis – “Oak”) conflict with former group leaders (now withdrawn from partisan movement) of Juozapavicius ir Kestutis groups. Decision to intensify action against occupying regime.
L-203, KDK, RD-300-308 D

April 26 or 27, 1947
Death of ZA (Samogitian Command) Kardas (“Sword”) Special Team Palanga Company leader A. Grabys (Vaidila). New leader, S. Skersys (Kovas – “Raven”), is wounded and captured in 1948, dies in transit to Vilnius.
LKA21-142, 143 ZA

April 27, 1947
Death of officer-in-charge of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team command post, V. Vabalas (Kunigaikstis – “Duke”), the head of the security subsection A. Peciulis (Baritonas – “Baritone”) and communications officer J. Senkute (“Pusele” – “Little Pine”) when they are surrounded by MVD troops in the “Seklycia” (“Chapel”) command post bunker in Gulbiniskiai village, Liudvinavas county, Marijampole district as a result of betrayal by the command post liaison officer. Rather than surrender, they blew themselves up.
LBD-189, 206, L-170, LKA3-35 TA

May 1, 1947
By order of J. Kimstas, leader of SRL (Northwest Lithuania partisans) and VA (Vytautas Command), a new Algimantas Command (ALA) is formed. Leader is A. Slucka (Sarunas); command post OIC is A. Starkus (Monte); head of agitation and propaganda is J. Urbonas (Lakstutis); finances S. Slucka (Bistrunas); leader’s adjutant Kisielius (Sakalas – “Falcon”). Command consisted of 4 companies of Sarunas Special Team, called: Grazina, Algirdas, Butageidis and Jovaras. Area of operations is districts of Rokiskis and Utenos as well as some counties of Panevezys district.
L-336, LK-616, VAr ALA

May of 1947
New command structure of KA (Kestutis Command) Vytautas Didysis (“Vytautas the Great)” Special Team. Leader is S. Raziulis (Mazylis); head of information section is L. Grigonis (Zveinys); head of organisational section is V. Sniuolis (aka Svajunas [“Dreamer”] or Savanoris [“Volunteer”] – ex leader of former Zebenkstis or Sernas (“Boar”) Special Team); team leader is E. Krutinaitis (Kalnius); command post OIC is B. Neverdauskas (Papartis – “Fern”).
LKA8-56, L-249, LK-614, LKA13-6 KA

May 17, 1947
New ZA (Samogitian Command) Satrija Special Team leader is S. Jazdauskas (Nurmis); arrested on 24 November 1947.
L-269, 487 ZA

May 18, 1947
TA (Tauras Command) command post member V. Stepulevicius (aka Stepulis or Mindaugas – former leader of Sarunas Special Team) dies as a result of betrayal in Janenai village, Sventezerio county, Lazdijai district.
LBD-200 TA

May 19, 1947
J. Luksa and J. Kriksciunas meet in Poland with J. Deksnys and denounce the treachery of J. Markulis. They also conveyed the call of VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Command) to Lithuanian organisations abroad to support the partisans. Convinced by J. Deksnys of the desperate situation in Lithuania, they return on 5 June to join in battle of Liubavas. With them came A. Marcinonis (Balandis – “Dove”), former member of Vytautas Special Team, who had been working in Poland.
DP-280, L-47-9 VV, TA

May 20-25, 1947
JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) leaders’ meeting: J. Zemaitis (aka Dainius [“Bard”], Tylius [“Quiet”] and Zaltys [“Grass Snake”] elected leader. Command post OIC is P. Bartkus (Zadgaila); operational section led by V. Guzas (Kardas “Sword”); information section by A. Liesys (Tauras – “Aurochs”). In the spring of 1948 V. Ivanauskas (aka Vytenis or Gintautas) joined the command post staff.
L-249, LKA13-5,6 KA

June 6, 1947
Marijampole district, Kalvarija county, Menkupe village: MVD troops attack TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team 4th company’s command post hide-out, code named “Baltieji rumai – White House”. V. Gurevicius (Ateitis – “Future”) and B. Rutkauskas (Apuokas – “Eagle Owl”) shoot themselves; A. Marcinonis (Balandis – “Dove”) is captured alive.
LKA3-36 TA

June 13, 1947
Meeting of VA (Vytautas Command) and ALA (Algirdas Command) leaders. SRL (Northwest Lithuania) regional leader J. Kimstas (Zalgiris – “Grünwald”) tells regional leaders he would like to resign as VA leader, but no suitable candidate for replacement is available.

June 15, 1947
VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Command) issues order to Command leaders to prepare operational plans for possible war, mass deportations of civilians and general mobilisation.
LK-281 VV

June 24, 1947
Partisans flee as enemy troops surround grove of Simonys in the district of Panevezys. Fleeing partisans capture 2 enemy collaborators, one of whom – the wife of J. Kimsta – had brutally tortured to death a farm boy.
L-338 VA

Summer of 1947
A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”) organises establishment of replacement organisation for BDPS (Bendrasis demokratinio pasipriesinimo sàjudis - General Democratic Resistance Movement). Called BDLS (Bendrasis demokratinis Lietuvos sàjudis - General Democratic Union of Lithuania), its aim was to make a distinction between it and the BDPS, which had now come under MGB control through J. Markulis. A. Baltusis established links with Algimantas, Vytautas, Vytis, Dainava, and the Joint Kestutis Command. This lessened the pernicious influence of J. Markulis and the MGB on the partisan movement.
L-134, LKA11-8,9 VV

Summer of 1947
DKA (Great Battle Command) Special Team A has 4 battalions, each of 40-50 people; controlled by MGB, no active operations accomplished.
L-333 DKA

Summer of 1947
Total destruction of LKA (Freedom Battle Command) Trys Lelijos (Three Lilies) Special Team.
L-243 KA

July 1, 1947
Valas Company of Zalioji (Green) Special Team joins ALA (Algimantas Command). Team active in Gelezes and Rozalimas counties, led by V. Cesnakavicius (aka Valas or Daujotas); command post leader J. Janusevicius (aka Raksnys or Vilkas – “Wolf”).
L-337, 338, LKA8-33

July of 1947
J. Kimstas (Zalgiris) appoints V. Kaulinis (aka as Miskinis – “Bushman” or Utenis, former leader of Liutas [Lion] Special Team) leader of VA (Vytautas Command). V. Kaulinis invites Liutas colleagues V. Laucius (Kirvis – “Axe”) and V. Grigaliunas (Sakalas – “Falcon” to join him on the staff of VA command post. New leader of Liutas Special Team is J. Morkunas (aka Viesulas [“Whirlwind”], Siaurys [“North Wind”] or Vejas [“Wind”].
L-303, LKA16-121 VA

August 11, 1947
Acting on information from an MGB agent, enemy troops attack DA (Dainava Command) headquarters in the pine forest of Punia. In the 1½ hour battle DA and Dzukai Special Team leader D. Jecys (Àzuolis “Oak”) is killed, as are the leaders of the Punia, Margiris and Vaidotas groups. A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”) becomes interim leader of DA.
L-201, 204, 483, LK-284, RD-362 DA

August 14, 1947
Partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team led by J. Streikus (Stumbras – “Bison”) liquidated Ilukste (Latvia) MGB chief Major M. Bunin and his second-in-command. This was done with the assistance of former MGB agent E. Pleps, who was installed in the group by Bunin himself, but had been exposed by the partisans. At that time the group was operating in Latvia.
DL-69 VA

August of 1947
First TA (Tauras Command) partisan training course. Attended by about 70 people including command post personnel and fighters from Zalgiris, Vytautas, and Kestutis special teams. Course graduates became non-commissioned officers.
DP-317, L-479 TA

August of 1947
ALA (Algimantas Command) leader A. Slucka (Sarunas) and VA (Vytautas Command) leader V. Kaulinis (Miskinis – “Bushman”) come to Vilnius at the invitation of J. Markulis. A. Slucka is injured, but sensing treachery they manage to escape danger.

August of 1947
Injured A. Slucka seeks refuge with leader of ALA (Algimantas Command), DKA (Joint Kestutis Command) Special Team B leader A. Morkunas (Plienas – “Steel”). The latter, on finding out about J. Markulis’ collaboration with the MGB, severs relations with MGB-controlled DKA command post.
L-333, VDr DKA

August of 1947
The governing body of BDLS (Bendrasis demokratinis Lietuvos sàjudis - “General Democratic Union of Lithuania) of A. Baltusis (Zvejys - “Fisherman”), the supreme Lithuanian partisan leadership, undergoes name change to BDPS Presidium (Bendrasis demokratinio pasipriesinimo sàjudis prezidiumas– “General Democratic Resistance Movement Presidium”).
L-134, LKA11-8 VV

August 20, 1947
TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys - “Fisherman”) announces organisational changes. J. Luksa (Skirmantas) appointed interim head of military intelligence section of the Command. Vytautas Special Team leader V. Gavenas (Vampyras – “Vampire”) is relieved of command and transferred to Zalgiris (“Grünwald”) Special Team. Kestutis Special Team leader K. Greblikas (Sakalas – “Falcon”) appointed leader of Vytauto Special Team. Sarunas Special Team leader P. Kucinskas (aka Apinys – “Hop” or Ainis – “Grandson”) becomes leader of Kestutis Special Team.
L-170, LKA3-34,36 TA

August 20, 1947 (30) (06 26) (1947 06)
By order Nr. 27 of A. Baltusis of 30 August 1947 Sarunas Special Team is transferred from TA (Tauras Command) to DA (Dainava Command).
L-168, LKA3-31, (L-477, 479), (L-202), (L-483, KDK) DA, TA

August 27, 1947
Sitting of J. Markulis’ BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) War College in the territory of Vytis Command, near the village of Adomonys, Panevezys district. J. Markulis insisted that the new BDPS (later renamed BDLS - General Democratic Union of Lithuania) reformed at the beginning of 1947 by A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”) and J. Luksa (Skirmantas) was actually just a power grab and the allegations of treason were only a smear against him. VCA (Vytis Command) leader D. Vaitelis did not believe that J. Markulis was a collaborator.
L-317, 492, LKA11-44 VCA

September 1, 1947
BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Presidium Chairman issues edict Nr. 22 stipulating the formation of six partisan commands in Lithuania, which would be headed by BDPS staff and would answer to the leadership of VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Command). The War Council (Karo taryba) would be composed of Command leaders and would have the right to change the composition of the BDPS Presidium and VGPS.
LKA11-8, L-134 VV

September 4, 1947
Avikilai village, Marijampole county: Treason leads to attack on TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team command post. Death of command post finance section head, M. Zilionis (Plunksna – “Feather”) and employee L. Lisauskaite (Ramune – “Chamomile”); command post documents and flag of Vytautas Special Team confiscated.
L-171, LKA3-36 TA

September of 1947
Arrest in Vilnius of Lieutenant A. Ragauskas (Ragelis), leader of JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) Povilas Luksys Special Team as he was on his way to try to eliminate the traitor A. Dalbokas, who had become the leader of a group of MGB assassins. In November deputy Team leader J. Paliunas (Rytas – “Morning”) gathers the remaining team members in the forest of Paliepiai and assigns them to JKA Savanoris (“Volunteer”) Special Team.
LKA22-199 KA

September of 1947
Mass arrests begin after MGB infiltration of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team. Leader K. Kaladinskas (aka Ersketis [“Blackthorn”] or Sarka [“Magpie”]) orders partisans to hide in groups of 2-3 people.
LKA16-85 VA

September 20, 1947 (02)
J. Kimstas (Zalgiris) issues order Nr. 19 which directs partisan leaders to cut off all relations with the BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) led and controlled by J. Markulis (Erelis – “Eagle”).
L-284, 317, LKA10-21, (LKA16-24) RL

September 21, 1947
Arrest in Kaunas of TA (Tauras Command) Birute Special Team leader S. Jakstavicius. He reveals whereabouts of command post bunker.
DP-352, L-171, LBD-196, 219, LK-590, 603, LKA3-36 TA

September 24, 1947
Destruction of TA (Tauras Command) Birute Special Team command post bunker on Daunoras farmstead near Veiveriai township, Marijampole district. Death of Team leader Captain J. Bulota (Anbo), chaplain L. Lelesius (Grafas – “Duke”) and four command post staff. New leader is J. Alescikas (Rymantas).
DP-352, L-171, LBD-196, 219, LK-590, 603, LKA3-36 TA

September 24-25, 1947
Meeting of leaders of DA (Dainava Command) in the forests of Marcinkonys county. Participation of 27 leaders of special teams, battalions, groups, units. A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk") is elected leader of the Command; S. Staniskis (aka Antanaitis – “Son of Anthony” or Litas) becomes OIC of command post; J. Kriksciunas (Rimvydas) in charge of communications; J. Baliukevicius (Dzukas) in charge of press and propaganda. Battalions are called “groups”; Merkys Special Team is named in honour of Partisan Kazimieraitis. Juozapavicius and Kestutis groups are brought into the Command structure.
L-206, 483, RD-380-382 DA

End of September, 1947
B. Labenas (Kariunas – “Warrior”) appointed leader of DA (Dainava Command) Sarunas Special Team, replacing interim leader J. Mikelionis (Vargdienis – “Battler”).
L-203 DA

September 30, 1947 (03)
Death of J. Survila (Sarunas) assistant of VCA (Vytis Command) leader D. Vaitelis; replaced by Lieutenant P. Blieka. A. Stimburys (Tankistas “Tankman”) becomes leader of VCA partisans in Ukmerge district.
LKA10-12, 14, (L-316) VCA

October of 1947
SRL (Northwest Lithuania) leader J. Kimstas (Zalgiris), now convinced of J. Markulis’ treachery, recognises BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Presidium of A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”).
DP-508 VV, RL

October of 1947
ZA (Samogitian Command) leader J. Ivanauskas (Vygantas) goes to Vilnius to meet with J. Markulis and BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) leadership; sends “his” instructions to Command: they are to change their modus operandi and go over to passive resistance. At the end of October. J. Ivanauskas and all command post staff are arrested. ZA is without leadership until spring of 1948.
L-266, 488, LKA7-4 ZA

October 25, 1947
Meskuciai village, Marijampole district. Death by treason of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team head of military intelligence, TA foundation member A. Ratkelis (Ozelis – “Kid”) and command post staff member A. Salinka (Dainius – “Bard”): suicide by explosives in bunker.
L-171, 479, LBD-190, LKA3-37 TA

October 28, 1947
Palaima village, Keturvalakiai county, Vilkaviskis district. Betrayal leads to death of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team 42nd Company leader Lieutenant V. Zaloneris (Perlas – “Pearl”), clerk S. Bubnys (Gusaras – “Hussar”) and communicator J. Kazeliute (Saulute – “Daisy”), who had been involved in the “Shrovetide Ball” incident.
LK-613, LKA3-37 TA

November 12 (or 16), 1947
Obsrutai village, Pilviskiai county, Vilkaviskis district.
Leader of TA (Tauras Command) Zalgiris Special Team V. Strimas (Sturmas “Storm”) and 70 partisans surround village where 15 families of Russian colonists were living. Thirty-five of the Russians were armed, two had machine guns. When the colonists disobeyed the partisans’ order to evacuate the village, the partisans opened fire, killing 31 colonists, the others fleeing.
DP-355, GM-64, LKA3-34, (AKL-83, VT-199) TA

Between 12 and 15 November 1947
Puziniskis village, Zarasai district.
Traitor J. Lukosevicius reveals whereabouts of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team command post. Soviet soldiers surround command post, start battle; death of Team leader K. Kaladinskas (Ersketis – “Blackthorn”), his adjutant A. Skuncikas (aka Koltas, Kursis) and 2 fighters. P. Cicenas (Zalgiris) becomes interim leader of Team.
LKA16-85, (L-303), (DL-258) VA

November 1947
JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) leader J. Zemaitis (Tylius – “Quiet”) appoints P. Bartkus (Mazrimas) and B. Liesys (Kaukas – “Goblin”) to organise PA (Revival Command) in the districts of Joniskis and Siauliai on the basis of Vovere (“Squirrel”) and Atzalynas (“Regrowth”) Special Teams.
L-274 PA

November 18, 1947
Partisans capture the town of Batakiai in the Taurage district for the second time; prisoners liberated.
AKL-70, L-486, RZ-60 KA

November 18, 1947
Leaders of Tauras and Dainava Commands agree to proposal for structure of BDPS (General Democratic Union of Lithuania) Presidium and send it with endorsements to leaders of other Commands.
LKA11-9 DA, TA

1947 autumn
Partisans of ALA (Algimantas Command) Zalioji (Green) Special Team take over town of Vaskai in Pasvalys district, confiscating 110,000 roubles from office of tax inspectors.
LKA8-38, LKA17-117 ALA

end of 1947
V. Rukuiza (Lampeo), leader of one of the VCA (Vytis Command) partisan groups and six of his partisans are enticed by MGB agent J. Markulis to “legalise” their status using false documents supplied by him and to settle in Vilnius. At the end of December all are arrested.
LKA10-20 VCA

end of 1947
Dainava Command issues new guidelines re awards for partisans. Each partisan or supporter could be decorated up to three times for diligence and three times for bravery. Awards for diligence were 1st, 2nd or 3rd class medals of LKK (Laisves Kovos Kryzius – “Freedom Struggle Cross”); awards for bravery were 1st, 2nd or 3rd class medals of LKK (su kardais – “with swords”).
RD-416 DA

1947 12 14
BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Presidium edict Nr. 1002 authorises departure to West of J. Luksa (Skrajunas – “Runner”) and K. Pyplys (Audronis) in order to publicise the situation in Lithuania, to garner support for the nation’s struggle, and to clarify relations between VLIK (Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania and BDPS delegates abroad. These two partisans also delivered to Pope Pius XI a letter from the Roman Catholics of Lithuania, as well as samples of underground press publications, documents, photographs, partisan songbooks, lists of people deported by the Russians to Siberia, military intelligence reports, and documents authorising J. Deksnys to further represent the Lithuanian resistance movement abroad.
L-136, LK-(464-477), LKA5-47 VV

December 1947
S. Staniskis (Litas) becomes leader of DA (Dainava Command) Dzukai Special Team.
L-201 DA

December 1947
Formation of DGA (Darius & Girenas Command) from six partisan groups operating in the Birzai and Pasvalys districts. Command leader is P. Tupenas –Àzuolas (“Oak”), command post OIC is J. Kucinskas.

December 21, 1947
Returning from Poland with an escort of armed partisans, J. Luksa (Skrajunas – “Runner”) and K. Pyplys (Audronis) are involved in a skirmish with Soviet border guards at the bridge over the Rominta River in a stretch of the Heinemune Forest (former German East Prussia). Three partisans killed.
LKA5-60, DP-367 TA

December 26, 1947
Sardokai village, Vilkaviskis county.
Death by treachery of TA (Tauras Command) Kestutis Special Team leader P. Kucinskas (Ainis – “Grandson”).
LBD-190 TA

October 1947 to January 1948.
Discussions between TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”) and JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) leader J. Zemaitis (Lukas) about the formation of VGPV (Vyriausioji ginkluotuju pajegu vadovybe - Supreme Armed Forces Leadership). A. Baltusis proposed that each Command should have two representatives on VGPS (Vyriausiasis ginkluotuju pajegu stabas - Supreme Armed Forces Headquarters); in between meetings of the Leadership the partisans would take orders from the leader of the Armed Forces and the Chairman of the BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Presidium. J. Zemaitis proposed that political leadership should be limited to Southern Lithuania; military leadership would stay with JKA (Joint Kestutis Command). He suggested that A. Baltusis transfer to Zemaitijà; the latter declined.
L-136, LKA11-11 VV

January 6, 1948.
Marijampole district, Veiveriai county, Pinciske village.
Death of TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team command post OIC Captain P. Vanagas (aka Nemunas or Vylius), Kestutis Special Team leader J. Jasaitis (Naktis – “Night”), 24th Maironis Company leader Lieutenant J. Ciplijauskas (Sakalas – “Falcon”) and Lieutenant J. Balevicius (Briedis – “Moose”). New leader of Kestutis Team is Lieutenant J. Brazys (Klajunas – “Wanderer”).
L-479, LK-607, LKA3-37 TA

16 January, 1948
Destruction of JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) Vaidotas Special Team bunker in Pagausantis village, Ariogala county, Kedainys district. Death of leader Captain J. Ceponis (Tauragis) and other command post staff. Destruction of printing press which was used to publish newspaper Laisves varpas (“Bell of Freedom”).
L-249, 486, LK-618, LKA13-6 KA

January 16, 1948
Hand grenade attack on premises of Communist Executive Committee of Merkine county, Varena district, site of discussions about elections to local “soviets” (Councils). Lithuanian SSR finance minister Drobnys, LSSR MGB interrogation squad deputy leader Lieutenant Colonel Mackevicius and LSSR MGB 2-N committee operative Popov escape with minor injuries.
LPK-541 DA

Beginning of 1948.
VCA (Vytis Command) command post consists of: leader D. Vaitelis, deputy J. Kilijonas (Mikas – “Mike”), command post district leader A. Sivys (Salapka), adjutant A. Smetona (Zygaudas) and A. Pakelaitis.
LKA10-21 VCA

Beginning of 1948.
Revival of ZA (Samogitian Command) Satrija Special Team command post. First leader is I. Sapkunas (Meisteris – “Master”), then from April 1949 K. Andriuska (Linksmutis – “Happy”).
L-269, 487 ZA

February 2, 1948
Gulbiniskiai village, Pilviskiai county, Vilkaviskis district.
Death of head of VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Headquarters) and leader of PLP (South Lithuania Partisans) and TA (Tauras Command), A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”) in his native village, betrayed by female enemy agent Tiesa (“Truth”). Finding himself surrounded by enemy troops he shot himself, as did two command post guards, partisans J. Balsys (Dobilas – “Clover”) and P. Zaldaris (Sapalas – “Chub”).
L-172, LK-626, LKA3-37 VV, TA

February 2, 1948
Death, on the day of his 41st birthday, of head of ALA (Algirdas Command) press and eduction section, editor of partisan publications, former teacher at Niuronai village (Anyksciai county) school, poet Jurgis Urbonas (Lakstutis – “Nightingale”).

February 13, 1948
Budvieciai village, Liubavas county, Lazdijai region.
Death in battle of seven fighters of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team 43rd Company; another captured alive. Company commander A. Rutkauskas (Miskinis – “Bushman”) manages to escape.
L-172, LKA3-37 TA

February 1948
J. Markulis informs VCA (Vytis Command) leader D. Vaitelis that he is leaving Vilnius and transferring responsibility for communication with “Vilnius headquarters” to others. D. Vaitelis agrees to keep in touch with J. Markulis to a certain extent, but rejects the idea of “passive resistance” and refuses to come out of the forest.
LKA11-46 VCA

March 1, 1948
S. Grumbinas (Audra – “Storm”) appointed leader of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys Special Team. Deputy is P. Racinskas (Zaibas – “Lightning”), adjutant - P. Cicenas (Zalgiris). S. Grumbinas arrested on 19 March.
DL-108, L-303, LKA16-132 VA

March 18, 1948
Ciudiskiai village, Prienai county.
Death of A. Varkala (aka Zaliukas – “Greenie” or Daumantas), head of military intelligence section of TA (Tauras Command) and leader of Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team and two command post staff. New leader is J. Baltrusaitis (Tigras – “Tiger”).
L-173, 479, LK-625, LKA3-38 TA

March 20, 1948
Council of Ministers of Lithuanian SSR decides to begin establishing collective farms in Lithuania. G-119 OK March 24, 1948 By order of commander of VA (Vytautas Command) P. Racinskas (Zaibas – “Lightning”) is appointed interim leader of Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team, adjutant - P. Cicenas (Zalgiris). Team has two companies: Ersketis (“Blackthorn”) and Vytis. Newsletter Sutemu keleivis (“Twilight Traveller”) resumes publication.
L-303, LKA16-86 VA

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